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American Staffordshire Terriers

Litter Announcements
Updated 5-1-04

Puppy info on the way!


The Price Range for Show Pups is $800 - $1500. Pet Price is $600.

We ship at 8 weeks of age...we ship "collect" only unless shipment is paid in advance and you would like the puppy received counter to counter. We only crop ears if requested and the price is $150.

We do not take deposits until the pups are actually born so that we do not over obligate ourselves to anyone, however if you are seriously interested please contact us and we will take your phone number or email address and notify you of what is born and if you are further interested at that time.

If there are any additional questions please do not hesitate to write us...we just wanted to give the basic information that most folks inquire about!

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