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American Staffordshire Terriers

Photo Gallery

 (ones with colored background are bred by BenMar)

CH Benmars Sharp "Shooter"
1996 #1 All Breed
Dewayne The Fatboy
Ch. BenMar's DeWayne The Fatboy
1993 Westminster Best of Breed

Ch. Benmars Ring Master
Shown with Randy Price
2001 # 5 ALL BREED / 2001 # 3 AM STAFF
Ch. Roadhouse's Montana of Benmar

Ch. Benmars Black "Hawk"
2004 #13 AmStaff
Ch. Tara's Misbehavin' by Benmar
1994-1995 #1 Female AmStaff
All Breed
Best In Show Winner!

Ch. Benmars "Tooty" Fruity Legend

Ch. Benmars "Hickory" Knot
Ch. Roadhouse's Macho of Benmar
1997 #1 Amstaff Both Systems
Macho is owned by Greg Roadhouse

BenMar's PrimeTime Patriot

Ch. Garretts Al E Gator, CD, SchH B, OFA
1993 #8 All Breed
(son of our first Amstaff- Gator)

Ch. Benmars Cruise Control

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